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Multitalented and Creative

I’m a marketing and business development consultant providing strategic advice and operational support for start-up’s and SME’s


Clients worldwide have enjoyed my valuable strategic advice, coupled with practical hands-on operational support that has delivered consistent business success.


By working closely with you or key members of your team, I can formulate and deliver a marketing strategy, that is achievable and aligned with your business growth aspirations.


I also specialise in creating beautifully focused designs, artwork and websites that work to develop multichannel marketing strategies that achieve exceptional results.

HOW i DO IT...

Over 26 years of business experience helps..
I will help you deliver sustainable business growth

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to develop an agile strategy to achieve sustainable growth and thrive in rapidly changing markets.

This requires a growth strategy that is coherent, in line with market trends, continually monitored and implementable within the available resources.

It is too easy to get absorbed by day-to-day operational demands. However it is essential to take a step back and plan for the future.

Without this, many successful businesses slowly begin to lose direction; failing to identify changes in the market, responding ineffectively to evolving client needs or ignoring new competitors. The result is plateauing fee revenue or even retrenchment.

  • 55% of SME businesses do not have enough time to spend on marketing and development. This is a huge challenge.

  • 43% of businesses struggle with managing everything in-house often with non-professional results.

  • 72% of small businesses rely on word-of-mouth as a top marketing strategy.

  • Mobile web has now overtaken desktop browsing worldwide but 62% of business websites are not compatible.

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